Tell me at least six things you may or may not consider personal
I'm not talking 'bout jet ski accidents, rather truly things you'd never thought you'd tell
Don't you think that we should kiss?
Well, but who's is playing
Do you like grant hart songs?
Do you like bob mould songs?
And have you ever sung along to new day rising?
Ba ba bum ba ba bum ba ba bum ba ba bum

I love to make reluctant sucks even though you say it's wrong
It's wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong,
You prattle on.
But so is speeding, and I watch you speed every day in that truck.

I love to make you nervous.
I'd love to make you sweat.
I'd love to make you breakfast the morning after.
Ba ba bum ba ba bum ba ba bum ba ba bum
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Jet Ski Accidents Lyrics

The Blow – Jet Ski Accidents Lyrics