I'm trembling at the knees
I'm drooling at the mouth
I open up my gob and then nothing comes out
I've got a new car (oh oh oh oh)
Lets go for a ride
You know I'm not very skilled at the art of seduction
You could stamp it on my forehead and I still wouldn't catch on
Why can't you see (oh oh oh oh) what you're doing to me
You know you are my fantasy
You make me really tingly
And I want to be want to be
I want to be your fantasy
You know I can be s*** when I want to be want to be
The temperature is rising (rising, rising)
But you're as cold as ice
I said, I'll stalk you at night (oh oh oh oh)
If you put up a fight
You know my girlfriend, she doesn't know a thing
Pure ignorance is such a beautiful thing
You put on this voice like I had a choice
You know, you know, You are my fantasy...
You are my fantaseeeee
So I give this a go hey hey
So I give this a go hey. So give this a go hey hey
So give this a go... La la la la la la oooh oooh la la la la la la oooh oooh
You are my fantasy...
You fill my dreams up at night
These sordid thoughts just ain't right
I love the girl that I'm with I which I find hard to admit
You can't speak english I know, so I will talk nice and slow so we can figure this out before we give this a go
The clothes you wear they don't fit
The local girls they feel sick cause their boys have their eye on this foreign delight
From all these pointless refrains I guess that all that remains for me to push how I feel and make this fantasy real
I've got a pain in my head to think of things that I've said to get your hormones on fire for burning want and desire
Unanswered actions of men, these injured egos give in to find another release and pornographic disease
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Fantasy Lyrics

The Blizzards – Fantasy Lyrics

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