Oh, how I love to feel the blade of self-inflicted pain
Yet I long to dwell in purity
My desire is for light to overcome my hate
Yet I play a whore to darkness and remain unclean
Let the hills hear my voice as I shout out my plea
Let your perfect love our over me
And I cry for the rain to fall
And I pray that it drowns my soul
Take my pain, I give it all
I cry
All my sins have found me out
And you will know me by the mark upon my brow
I am the killer free to roam
Adulterer that casts the stone
I am desolate due to the life I chose
I am a servant of love
And yet a lover of sin
I'll do it over again and over again
I've done it again.
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I Cry Lyrics

The Becoming – I Cry Lyrics