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Lucky Lyrics

The Bastards Of Apocalypse – Lucky Lyrics

Combing these streets looking for your payday
Lucky walker walking under midnight sunlight
Headlights glisten off the cold cement
As you shuffle home to your tenement
(Start backing vocals: She comes down)
Crash on the couch, Can’t make it upstairs
Life of a gambler life of despair
When you go wrong and get like this?
Fucked from the sunrise until it sets

Scraping up the ashes
Fire to the memories
Try to keep the new ones out
Picking through the rubble
Lighting your desire
In the dark you cool down

This life that you live is a vision out of hell
Not doing so well it’s getting hard to exist
So much hate and junk in those veins
And you’re bodies going to need its own fucking exorcist
(Start backing vocals: She comes down)
What you think you going to tell the boy when you’re home girl
Late and he wonder’s “Mom do you love me”
Boy I do it for you so you get what I don’t
Got a chance man you’re lucky


She came down x3
She’s sticky sweet and dirty for me now

This ain’t living it’s barely breathing
You’re hardly seeing what you’re doing to yourself girl
And those around you and those who love you
Coming unglued,
Spending all your time with the dirty side
(Start backing vocals: She comes down)
And with a lucky guy you don’t
Wake up, wake up your world’s going to end
And I’m telling you there’s so much more then just the waist down
You got heart girl, a lot of people don’t now

Chorus x2
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