Shipwrecked we lay on shifting sands.
Shipwrecked we're looking down on guilty hands.
Shipwrecked we're crawling on the insides of our eyes
Shipwrecked we're climbing into sheets and lies.

[This ship sinks, we won't drown
God gave me scales, I won't go down.]
[I never wanted this starboards hit!
I never wanted this port side's hit! ]

Don't do it.

Don't leap before you look
You'll catch that lip on that dry hook.
It's not your lips, it's not your hair, it's not your nails,
So hoist the main and raise the sails!

We are floating.
[SOS, make me a fish
SOS, I won't go down with it]

I wanted a sillouhette, but all I got was
Red lace our clothes,
Red lace on her hair.

[Red lace on our clothes and hands.]
[SOS, make me like a fish
SOS, I won't go down with it]

Now we sail this ship into stormy waters,
Now we say goodbye to our sons and daughters.

Who will save us now?
Where is the coast guard?
Who will save us now?
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Dots And Dashes Lyrics

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