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Drill, Baby, Drill Lyrics

The Arrivals – Drill, Baby, Drill Lyrics

Back in the age of the natural air breathers
When oxygen was still almost free
Before chemical foods
And pharmaceutical moods
And there was chance
One could die of disease
They say the earth had a smell
And the sun it shone well
Stars broke the night's field of black
There was no money in that

I heard once you could drink the rain
Straight as it fell from the sky
Without hair growing thin
Or irritation of skin
And redness and swelling of eyes
I heard once the plants could be eaten
Grown with the sun's energy
Talk about luxury

Cease the day

I heard that once people were worried
About survival of species and such
They thought life won't subsist
We'd cease to exist
When earth lost it's natural touch
But the gang's all here
To say hey ain't it clear
We made it
The humans pulled through
We showed them
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