With open arms to empty skies.
Discolorations and an embrace of damnation.
This will be the last sunset of the rest of your life.
This sky will come falling down.
Bless this massacre for I have seen the end.
These eyes have witnessed the self destruction.
An extrication of your existence.
I have seen this world in flames as it burned to the ground.
Pray to the sky that will be the death of you.
On your knees for the first time, say your prayers for the last time.
Your prayer-less hands can't save you now.
This sky will come falling down
With open arms embrace the end.
Pray to the sky for the last time.
As the clouds part the skies rapidly, your innocence will soon be unveiled unleashing hell.
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Extrication Lyrics

The Aphorist – Extrication Lyrics

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