The walls white, skies white,
Nights white, lights white
And fuck you
For being so fucking white tonight
My eyes roll back white,
White everywhere, lips white,
Words white, lies cold as the
White ice

And fuck you for
Being so fucking white tonight
We were always as hot as the white light
And cold as thin white ice
But tonight, tonight I've passed
The point of no return
I won't be turning 'round again

I was so blinded by your eyes
So blinded by those white lights
And dust is now what you've become
No longer such a fucking bright white light
And I can see further then I ever saw

And now your white eyes,
Your white lights and rolled back
White fucking eyes
They wont ever be falling on me again tonight
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The Blair Snitch Project Lyrics

The Amity Affliction – The Blair Snitch Project Lyrics