Let it be known, the end is visible
And where you stand is critical
We can't reach what we condone
Descended by the image of the cynical

Forgive us for we didn't know it laid so visceral

Nowhere to hide, I fear it draws close.
Head for the hills, and watch it unfold

This is the expiration of the old domain;
We will overcome this,
But for now we must suffer
For now we must pay.
We have to face this.
And so we march
Back and forth
Back and forth
Step by step
Back and forth
Back and forth

Guide us with your exclamation.
Will the new world reach our expectations?
A striking disclosure of what's to come,
But after it's gone, will there be remorse?

Open up the sky.
Let it rain down and flood this world of mine.
Consume us all. (x2)

Infect us all with masses of every foe.
We won't rest our Souls 'til caskets are hammered closed.

Here we stand at the edge of the earth.
I can see them waiting.
(I) won't look back.
The time is now.
It's ours for the taking.

We carry out!
We carry out!

I have come to realize...
I'm already dead.
I have come to realize...
I'm already dead.
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The Awakening Lyrics

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