Sometimes I question the counter cultural ideals we uphold.
Or set aside in the convenience of our lives.
Are we all not aware of the waves pounding in our heads?
Threatening to take what weve got away.

And as winter arrives, its hard for you to stay outside. So run inside.
I can see the lies in your breath better during this time.

The rigid cold digs into your skin as you fight to relight a fire that's died
Yelling I can't bare today while you make a run for the warmth inside.

I realize that a lot of us will never understand our purpose.
Because I'm on that same street, screaming out loud, but nobody leaves their house.
I just really hope to resonate one day.

So lets take a walk,
And let tonight act the agent.
Cause I know its cold,
But may our breath form in salience
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Be Careful They're Ruffled Lyrics

The Agent – Be Careful They're Ruffled Lyrics