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Heartbeat Lyrics

The A Capellas – Heartbeat Lyrics

Saw you at the corner shop
Drinking your Chai tea

Then I looked right in your eyes
My heart melts like ice cream
On a summer day

Make my heart beat two times faster
Make me wanna dance
Like ants in my pants
Like pins and needles in my feet
Make me wanna dance

I sit beside you in science class
Do you know I'm there?
And do you even care?
Or is it just a dare?

I used to think love was a fairytale
Or maybe just a dream
Now I've revealed the real thing,
Now do you fall for me?


Do you think that I'm cool?
Oh do you think that I'm smart?
Or, do you think that I'm just another nobody
That lives in another world?

Spit it out
I know you love me,
And I know I do
Cause everything I do reminds me of you


I love you as much as all the grains of sand
In the big blue sea,
I love you as much as all the shining stars
In the galaxy

[Chorus: X2]
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