Shake 'em from the tree
Stick 'em in your ear
Make them think you care
Because you
Fake another tear

Don't know what to take
Fishing in the dark
Itching for a bite
And then you
Catch another shark

Ringing all around
Very hard to tell
Break another sound
And we can
Crack another bell

Matching all the cloths
Itching in the legs
Scratch 'em with your toes
And hatching
All the spider eggs

Happy howl and waggle
Ugly gawk and gaggle
Somewhere lost
From a to z

Angry are the funny
Lava's hot and runny
Backwards laughing at the sea

'Cause bananas
Are too big to see
Once my brother
Threw a banana at me
We found it on the ground
'Cause it fell from the tree
I ate it off the wall
It was all meant to be
Poking all around
But you just don't know
Demanding new bananas
That just won't grow
Hit them with a sack of oats
That we just won't sow
Bananas in our hands
And we won't let go

Turn it up to ten
Take it as a sign
I'll probably muck it up
But let me try it
One more time

Didn't see a thing
Feeling in the dark
Fell in love
With that 1 tree
And rubbing
Up against the bark

Tell me that I'm meek
Floating out to sea
Gawking at the geek
And then I find
The geek is me

Teeter on the brink
Wish it all away
Don't know
What to think
Because they
Ain't got much to say

Laughing while your yelling
Smiling while your smelling
Sappy underneath the tree

Clouded was the sound
Crowded all around
Saving face
But scraping knee

Slipping on the peels
When they fall to the floor
I hung around so long
My bananas got sore
Clapping with my hands
Made 'em mad slam the door
Banana in the hat
Must have been there before
Shaking at the trees
Hope bananas fall
Shaky in the knees
'Cause the trunk's too tall
Flakey referee
Don't agree
With the call
Middle of the game
Run away
Take the ball

Now they're throwing
Bananas a lot
You know that these are
All the bananas we got
Buried in the sand
Gonna rain gonna rot
Keep them to yourself
Once again thanks a lot

I ran with the banana
I thought was mine
Yellow is the reason
We run this time
The little bit of green
That we took as a sign
The closest thing to good
That we thought we could find

With 20/20 eyes
But they still can't see
Yet I could feel it burn
When they look at me
Beat around the bush
It's the best way to beat
And once again
They're throwing bananas
They're throwing bananas...
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Bananas Lyrics

That 1 Guy – Bananas Lyrics

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