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The Netherworld Lyrics

Thanatos – The Netherworld Lyrics

Entering the gates of hell, the final destination
Crowded incarceration, anxious, bare and terrified
Marked for death, forced to inhale the hydrocyanic fume
The crystallized prussic acid is unrelenting

Mouths wide open, the skin turned blue
Faces disfigured beyond recognition
Bodies filthy with blood, urine and excrements
Through the chimney as black smoke... The only way out!

Mass executions increase the pace of annihilation
Atrocious ways to achieve the purification
An efficient destruction of the "Ubermensch"
Thousands of innocents submissively accepting their fate

Conducting excruciating, medical experiments
Injections of lethal germs and chemical substances
Inflamed organs and burning spasms involved with horrible pain
Incestuous impregnations, bodily mutilations
Brutal removal of organs, limbs and genitals
Morbid pathological murder

The dehydrated skin of the decrepit ones
Emaciated bodies ignite themselves
Abscesses cover the living carcasses
The mouth deeply putrefied

The Netherworld - a short lifetime resort
Destined to die
Reaching the point of insanity
Pleading to be put out of their misery
The Netherworld - a short lifetime resort
Life's reduced to self-preservation

Noma hollows out the jaws and perforates the skin
Decay of flesh, severe facial deformity
The sickening stench of necrotic suppuration
Suffering terminal diseases and uncontrollable epidemics

"Vernichtung durch Arbeit" and the endless marches of death
Physically exhausted, mentally drained
Many succumbed litter the fields
The weak are left to die
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