Yeah, I got sway leather seats with a pollen hair's a match
Louie V's across my waist and my pocket couple stacks
I'm just rollin rollin rollin in the hood where it's hot
Got my arm outside the window with my platinum Rolex watch
Hit the lot, push the button, have it parked
I be, so exclusive, chuck and gooses, got a new bitch
I'll be gaining Charlie Sheen
Do my thang, that's all me, so what you see if guaranteed
If you don't want it you can leave
That fully loaded benz with that presidential,
Exterior that matches my 22 inch rims
Come on in, let's begin, will the, take a spin
Even if it ends, I'll be back at it again
I'ma, cruising in that black, looking like a hooligan
There's money to be made
Getting paid is my purpose,
Spitting verses is your, smoking purple in the how what you came for.
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Rollin' Lyrics

Thai – Rollin' Lyrics