Everyday I live my life
I push against the grain
Up against all of my odds
Only I can feel the pain
And I grind for the fortune
Till the crowd screams out my name
Ima be the... , I'ma be the...

It's all about the dough tho
You know for sure tho
We all international while ya stay local
And ima get money like the homies in San Jo
Do anything we want,
Give a fuck if it's illegal
Check like D-Bo
Coming thru repo
Heart of a soldier, fly high like an eagle
Ride for my people, it's just how it goes
Stay on my toes, ahead of my foes
I got it in control, take a hit and let it blow
I'm on top of the world, staring out this window
And everything I've been thru, made me stronger mental
Aint nuthin easy, we just make it look simple
Credentials I got it, pistols I've poped it
Shows I've rocked it now I'm rollin with the mobstas
Homie party like a rockstar, but don't get it twisted I'm a gangsta first and foremost


2ND verse:
Call me the medical
Flow so hysterical
Been in the streets with the gangstas and the criminals
You know I live this shit now
I'm on a mission to stack a fuckin million
Head high to the ceiling
Posted like a street light
Living in the street life
Knowing thangs gona be right so I grind all day all night
Until the time comes, homie we gona get it
And even when we make it, we gona still get it in
Ima a rider rider, ghetto survivor - vivor,
Posted with them thangs right beside us
If you want to run up, you know where to find us
Aint no body hiding, you'll get lit up like a lighter
I'm bringing it, all ya bitches singing it
You don't know nothing till you mothafuckas seen this shit
And we've been in this shit, hold it down and stackin grips
Up in the studio everyday makin hits

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I'mma Be The Best Lyrics

Thai Viet G – I'mma Be The Best Lyrics

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