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Too Young Lyrics

Thaddeus J – Too Young Lyrics

We been going at it,
Back and forth,
Fussing and fighting,
You said you need more,
And you feel like i’m wasting your time,
I got no ambition,
I be hoping and wishing,
Head all in the clouds,
I can’t even do the damn dishes,

Your love use to rain down on me,
And now it looks like we’re going through another drought,

She said I’m way to old to fight,
You’re hurting me down inside,
I can’t keep at it too long,
You’ll look up and she’ll be gone

If we got a problem we can speak about it like we mean business
There’s levels and lessons to this love that you’re not getting
You’re showing you’re less than a man,
You’ve proven you don’t stand a chance

And now she’s trying to see if she's the right women for me,
She said we’ll see,

What you know about me,
What you know about me,
Apparently nothing,
You don’t see a thing,
She said i’m not wearing a ring,
She said since we’re drifting apart,
Why don’t we count our losses and move on


Girl this love is too young 4x
Too Young


You said that I wasted your time,
Well baby girl you wasted mine, (Too)
If love is a two way street,
Then baby you just crossed the line (Crash),
Swipe me whenever you need me,
Cause baby you know that I got it,
You use to be more than a friend to me,
Now it’s looking like we lost it,

You use to be everything that I need,
And now I see you for who you really are,
You out here looking for a come up,
Disrespectful you lit my blunt up,
Now ya doing petty s*** for the fun of it,
Who you think you bout’ finna run up

We use to make love for hours till the night falls,
And now you’re over there making up some bull s***
You say that you stomach is having problems,
Say that you head has started some throbbing,
And now you’re making up every excuse to get away from this D,

If you ain’t know about me,
If you ain’t this know about me,
Ya n**** a freak,
He ain’t changing a thing,
It you ain’t with it just leave,

Girl i’ve done everything that you needed me to,
You’ve laughed in my face like I’m nothing than you,
So if this is how it’s gone be,
I won’t be losing no sleep,


Girl this love is too young 4x
Too Young


Said this love is too young girl,
For you to be acting like that,
You’re making and a** bof yourself,
I said it’s only been two months got damn,

Said you’re wanting me down on my knees,
Begging you please,
Baby don’t leave,

But that ain’t me,
You want to know why?

Girl this Love is Too Young 

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