F/ Danny Boy, Jewell

[Tha Realest]

Wassup, it's Tha Realest

Sendin this out to my big homey Pac

Lettin the world know that even though I plans on puttin heat down

Got to lay it for a little while homey

Huh, it's still goin down

Still ridin

And even before ya went on ya little mission

Ya left your little homey your blessins

So now I can't do nothin but stand strong

I pray for better days, laid in alleyways

Asked the Lord to help me thru these hard days

I cursed the world in tongues, I guess thy will'll be done

I'm tryin it til the day that I'm gone, can you see me smilin?

Hopin I got my life straight, I can't wait

To meet my saviour at them pearly gates, can't you see me?

My thug style brought me fortune and fame

Didn't deserve to get treated the way I did, baby feel my pain

False accusations make the whole world listen

Stand at ease but please pay attention, all I know

One day, homey that I'ma make it, hard times

But believe me homey I can take it, now stand strong

Jail time gave me a strong mind

Collect my thoughts to help me past my time, ain't no time to cry

Understand this is the way I was raised

That's how it is until the day I touch the grave, now stand strong

[Jewell & Danny Boy]

I feel the happiness

I see the pain, heyehey

You just gotta stand strong



You just gotta stand strong

[Tha Realest]

Now as the sunshine hits my face I'm thinkin I shouldnt've caught the case

Fast times, the wrong place, now call my lawyer

Tell him, that I need his help and understand

I'm goin for broke so what's left? Call it suicide

Gang ties left me forever scarred

What can I say cos homey times were hard, now bless your soul

We turned on some of the wrong streets

But we were only tryin to make our ends meet, now that we made it

Can't understand the attitudes

The way you were bein treated baby, that shit is rude

Now keep your head up and don't forget to stay in touch

And take ya time to learn this game baby and don't rush

Raise your seed to be a strong man

Because his momma did the best that she can, so ya gotta love her

There's so many to blame when things are wrong

But keep your head up baby and stand strong, heyyyy

[Jewell & Danny Boy]

You got to, you got to

You got, you got, hey hey

You just gotta stand strong

You, you you you, gotta

Staaaand, oohyeaheyeah

You just gotta stand strong

[Tha Realest]

Memories that I can never forget, Lord

These handcuffs tightly bruise my wrists and that's no bullshit

See me makin the best out of these situations

So many have died from too much conversation

Inside my heart believe my spirits stand strong

Already knowin that I won't live long, heyyyy

Call me a sacrifice to the world, let me live

And Lord please bless my baby girl

Sometimes I wonder what the hell I coulda been

But I got sidetracked from too much fuckin seein, when will it ever end?

Tell me the secrets to these lost ass questions

Drawin my pistol for motherfuckin protection, now stand strong

[Jewell & Danny Boy, (Tha Realest)]

You, you (I knew you gon' make it)

You got to, you got to, hoo (To all the ones that love to stand strong)

You just gotta stand strong(All the homeys that I lost stand strong)

You gotta stand, staaand(To all the ones that walk thirsty stand strong)

You gotta stand (All the dead children that didn't make it to the

Ones tryin ta make it, y'all stand strong,

Rosco Wilson stand strong)

You just gotta stand strong (Walkin Florence stand strong)

No matter what you got to do(?????? Stand strong

Arsher Nate my homey)

You gotta(Miss Defushias stand strong

God bless the child that can hold his own)

You gotta stand, you gotta stand strong

When, when will your friends turn their backs on you?(Haha, we'll just

Wait for it)

You gotta stand up and be strong

Will the chain let go of your heart?

Let go, let go, let go

You gotta stand, you gotta stand, you gotta stand strong

Take it from me, it gets so hard some times

But you, you've gotta you've gotta you've gotta

You've gotta you've gotta you've gotta, gotta be strong

You, you, you



You gotta

Uh oh

You just gotta be strong

No matter how hard, how hard it gets ooh

You've gotta be, hee

You just gotta be strong

No matter if your heart's cryin

No matter if you're in a row, hoo

Heeyeah, ooh yeah

You just gotta be strong

I know it hurts you, I know it hurts you too

But you gotta be, strong
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Stand Strong Lyrics

Tha Realest – Stand Strong Lyrics

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