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(2x) Murdah:

murdah, murdah, the, mothahfuckah murdah Murdah

murdah, the, mothahfuckah murdah Murdah

murdah, the, mothahfuckah murdah The

mothahfuckah murdarah [Sinful

1] Yes

It's! your wake up call so, bust a glock to get to heaven You

never came up They? run you 1-8-7 You

choke when I slash your throat I, take it as a joke I

laugh cause, after that you might get smoked Then

I put cha on a table and, I'll chop you up to pieces I

do it in a hustle make, you feel like a puzzle And

nobody can put you back together again Next

it'll be your family then, I'll get your friends [Intellect]


a minute before midnight and, I'm on the prowl Have

no room for sympathy cause my life is foul I

lost it a long time ago I, lose control On

a dumb mothahfuckah taking a late night stroll You

see The? night belongs to a prowler And

somebody's coming to face him in an hour Coming

straight at cha Your

head I'm gonna fracture I

take you on an ill trip you, dying when I catch cha <

My; mind is telling me " Murdah; "!>Chorus;

(2x) [Intellect]


give a f k**about life and its meaning Trying

to cut a deal to survive Keep? dreaming I'm!

the merciless Mexakin and, you cannot see well When

I take your f gay***eyes out with a hot spoon Rub

til you scar skin, you alive Then

throw your f gay***a in** a pool of peroxide Or

shank, you in the heart with a gold-bladed dagger Then

knock your f gay***head off with a sledge hammer [Sinful

1] Manitico

satnico, malvado, multiplero Pero

vas a ver porque me dicen el " talo" perro; A

veces pierdo la mente de, repente me, regresa Empieza

cuando, a mi se-se me sella un tercer fuerza Agarro

un martillo te, doy un chingadazo en la cabeza Ya

lo dija nunca, te hago una promesa Te

dejo tirado en un charco de sangre Tengo

hambre llega, la hora de chingar tu madre <

Chingar; tu madre >!Chorus;

(2x) [Sinful

1] Another

tale from my murdahrous point of view Here's

the plot No

matter what victims, get shot No

barkings to let them say ", Let's; make a deal "!What;

I wanna hear is a punk mothahfuckah squeal Stick

a shank in your chest and turn it The

reason why you dying punk, b h***is, cause you earned it You

were at the wrong place at the wrong time Now

I find another property of flight that I claim as mine [Intellect]


more you scream the more I fiend to be a surgeon I

can feel the urging the, merging More!

wicked than Manson Bundy, Ramirez, Dahmer

I, show these mothahfuckahs what fear is More

scarier than Halloween so, f k**Michael Myers Trick!

or treat my technique Set? your house on fire Or

cut your f gay***tongue out and, watch it twist and jump Put

some battery acid in your water And

watch you slurp it Chorus

(4x) (Music

fades away) (Intellect

knocking on door) Intellect


Sin! Wake! your f gay***a up** We! gotta go to the studio [Sinful!

1] God

Damn Homes, That! s titwas crazy
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Murdah Lyrics

Tha Mexakinz – Murdah Lyrics