[Verse 1: Teyana Taylor]
So I got this feeling
You and I need a moment
I want you to love me babe
Make me know it
I need you to want me babe
Come and show it

[Hook: Teyana Taylor]
Let me satisfy you tonight
Go inside sit on my couch, oh
I know what you like just sit back
Let me ride, hear it all out, uh
I want you right now
Not another minute later, so come on
Put your money where your mouth is
Give you what you paid for, so come on
I know it's real how my body feels on yours, oh
And I want to spend some time
No answer sign on the door
Oh no, please don't disturb me, no
Don't, disturb no

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
So I got this feeling
That you and I need this moment
I want you to touch me baby
Let me feel it
I need you to hold me baby
And you in it

[Hook: Teyana Taylor]

[Verse 3: Chris Brown]
Like a copper I'm cuffing in the field
Little mama got ass and she walk in them heels
She love when I eat it, she making a meal
Baby girl screaming
I give her the pillow so no one could hear

[Verse 4: Teyana Taylor]
He biting my neck and my legs in the air
Tell me you love me then pull on my hair
I like it rough, don't be touchin' my nigga
It ain't rocket science it's simple my nigga

Oh no, please don't disturb me, no
Don't, disturb no
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Do Not Disturb Lyrics

Teyana Taylor – Do Not Disturb Lyrics

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