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Low Down Lyrics

Tess Parks – Low Down Lyrics

I get high, I get low down
I get caught crying in the rain again
Well the beggars shake their cups and ask for a living
And you have to pay a man to play his guitar

When you reunite with love take an old trip back home
Get caught in the rainstorm on the way to the restaurant
Get caught in your head when there's nothing that you want

I'll follow my soul as far as it will go
As far as it will take me
I have a heavy heart it's torn and frayed
I have a burn in my soul and it just won't go

I have ten dollars in my pocket
Watch me spend it all, Watch me push away
If I save my soul I'm coming back older
As summer grows bigger as it begins
As it wins over the globe as it spins
As it spins, as it spins, as it spins

You should have witnessed the miracle in the center of town
Saved us all from being saved and I'm on my way, well
So get a little hazy now, well I get tuned out
I've gone as far as you can go now
And I can't let go, I can't let go
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