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I'll Be Alright Lyrics

Terry Hannigan – I'll Be Alright Lyrics

Sometimes I get worried
Thinkin' about what each new day may bri-ing
All the world is hassled out or hurried
There's never time to ease the painful things
Never time to think of where you're goin'
Or where you've been

You can tell them I'm goin' home
Or that I'm workin' late at night
No point writin' letters
Or using the telephone
Tell them anything that you mi-i-i-ight
Be sure and tell them I'll be-ee alright

City streets on grey mean mornin's
Make a young man want to call for he-elp
Who can he trust to give out warnin's like that
When he's nine points sure he just can't help himself
It's gotta come from the inside
Not from somebody else

You can tell them I'm living in the country
Or that I've givin' up the fight
No point in sayin'
How well they new me before
No point in givin' reasons of last ni-i-i-ight
Be sure and tell 'em I'll be-ee alright

And when my love comes whisperin' softly
With all the special sweetness she can bri-ing
That is when I'm real
And mostly that's the time
I feel no need to give out anything
That is when I know just what to sing

You can tell them I'm livin' in the island
Somewhere where the day is always bright
Don't need to visit England, Germany or Spain
Won't find me anywhere the things are ti-i-i-ight
Just be sure and tell 'em I'll be alright
I'm goin' ba-ack, I'll be alright...
Goin' home and I'll be-ee-ee a-a-alright
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