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The Film Of Eternity Lyrics

Terry G. Reed – The Film Of Eternity Lyrics

The Film Of Eternity

The Director says action, as the story begins
It's a Rockefeller setting with a surrealistic lens
Emerson and Poe are working on the script
As Francis Scott Key writes the score from a ship.
Eastwood stands alone with a gun on the plains
As vicarious cowboys are feeling so mundane
Dylan weaves a tale about truth in the street
And Marco Polo rides toward Kubla Khan's retreat.

What will your role be in The Film Of Eternity?
Will you change lives in the way you are perceived?
Will your part be something in which you do believe?
What will your role be in The Film Of Eternity?
In The Film Of Eternity?

Tears wet the pillows of the hungry child each night
As lives of the rich and famous are callused to their plight
Morality slips away one step at a time
It's easier to swallow and to justify the crime.
The Holy Spirit hangs out, listening everywhere
As few seem to notice, few seem to care
Idolatry's deception hides in selfishness
As Solomon points out that it's all meaningless

Repeat Chorus:

The Search party hunts for Sir Walter Raleigh
And the missing settlers from the Lost Colony
Dorothy tells the Tin Man to look at the audience
It's filled with tearful eyes of lost innocence
Socrates' death opened up Plato's eyes
That leaders are so often not the most wise.
From givers and takers there's doers and don'ts
That make or break the moments that hinge all their hopes.

Repeat Chorus:

Repeat Chorus:

© Terry G. Reed 2003
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