Well, I started vacation
On the road out of town
With a great expectation
And my Indian gown

I was hitching to somewhere
To a place far away
With a poor boy from New York
On a beautiful day

I was leaving the city
So we met on the road
She was young and so pretty
And my eyes told her so

Had the same kind of reasons
Like she was reading my mind
Little ritch girl from New York
Who was ever so kind

So we went, down, down
Down, on the road to L. A.
Through the hills and
The towns, towns, towns
On the way to the bay
And the wheels, they
Went round, round, round
Through the night and the day
Just two people from New York
On the road to L. A.

He was young and so carefree
With a smile on his mind
While he's living so easy
And his thoughts were so kind

With the sun in the morning
And the wide open sky
Little poor boy from New York
You got much more than I

[Chorus:] 2X
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Goin' Down (On The Road To L.A.) Lyrics

Terry Black & Laurel Ward – Goin' Down (On The Road To L.A.) Lyrics

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