I used to live downstairs in a rundown apartment
My neighbors upstairs were loud
And I could hear the sound of them walkin'
Upstairs downstairs I felt when I lived there
That they were walkin' on me
I remember when he moved in
He laid rugs across the hardwood floors
Tacked posters, up on every door
And said I can't get no space
Upstairs downstairs I laughed it off with a shrug
Rolled out like a rug and let him walk on me
Walk walkin' on me
Walk walkin' on me
I reached for the ceiling but
I settled for the floor
I said come on, walk on me?
I remember when he moved out
He took everything I owned and left an
Empty house
With a note tacked on each door
With a list of reasons why he left me for her
And upstairs downstairs the apartments
Began to shake
With the sound of me rollin' up off the ground
And screamin' I've had all that I can take
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Walk On Me Lyrics

Terri Hendrix – Walk On Me Lyrics

Songwriters: HENDRIX

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