The rumour going 'round
Is that I haven't she'd a tear
But don't they know you can't believe
Everything you hear
'Cause ever since you left
I've been a master of disguise
I may be smiling on the outside
But don't look into my eyes, 'cause...


The inside story
Is as clear as black and white
I still dream about you
When I turn out the lights
The news out on the street
Says you didn't break my heart
But the inside story
Is tearing me apart

I thought maybe there was something wrong
That we'd work out in time
And looking back I can see
I didn't read between the lines
And now my pride helps me hide the pain
So it's not written on my face
When we pass I'll pretend your memory
Was easy to erase, but...

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh, the inside story
Is tearing me apart
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The Inside Story Lyrics

Terri Clark – The Inside Story Lyrics

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