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The Blues (feat. Andreas 13) Lyrics

Terminator X – The Blues (feat. Andreas 13) Lyrics

I sing the blues in the hull of a ship
Beneath the sting of a slavemaster's whip
I sing the blues on a ship anchored to dock
My family being sold on a slave block
I sing the blues being torn from my first born
And hung my head and cried
When my wife took his life
And then commited suicide
I sing the blues on a slavemaster's plantation
Helpin him build his free nation
I sing the blues in the cotton field
Hustlin to make the daily yield
I sing the blues when he forced my woman to bed
Lawd knows how I wish he was dead
I sing the blues on the run.. {*fades out*}

[Andreas 13]
Solitude, to contemplate a dope rhyme
Drop the bass as I go for mine
13, and I'm chillin with the X Man
I choose to spews the blues, so you can understand
I'm harder than the steel forged in a hot fire
The Prince of Power, the ink of desire
Engagin Andreas in the muck or the mire
I got a storm - and she is a live one
Singin in the background, promisin the stars the moon
And the sun sayin, "Dre' I got a new life
And I've just begun, a rerun might be fun"
Now I play to win the game, to be put on
This is what, gives me the blues, word is bond
So now I'm gone..

[Andreas 13]
Now, it's the blues, so don't snooze, check out how I kick it
A def beat that's dope wild and wicked
A mad brother, that is God gifted
So tell me why am I another statistic
Payin all my bills and still bein evicted
Slum lord brought a rate height and I ripped it
Broken lights, and no hot water
You got nerve in here, beggin for a quarter
Burn this bitch down, is what I oughta do
And that's comin from the workin man's point of view
The first of the month and all my bills are due
I pay the light bill and pay the phone bill do
Because if I don't, my po' ass is through
My po' ass is through

[Andreas 13]
I got a job - workin and smirkin for Apartheid County
It takes two weeks to step collect my bounty
And damn, I can't believe the way they tax me
A third of my pay G? Exactly!
Yeah they think they got me, sweatin for a paycheck
Hearin my boss riff with empty threats
But I don't worry, and I don't fret
Just daydream about regrets
Would I do it all over again? No words
Cause workin everyday, and still bein broke..
.. Is strictly to the curb!

[Andreas 13]
Now my girl, I tell her that I love her
She says if you do, you must suffer - sucka
So she moves in with another - brother
Claimin to me, she needs two lovers
One for the sex, and one for the money
You know which one I was, but not to be funny
Let me tell you all about this sourpuss honey
Was she slick, and was she crummy
Cause I believed her when she said she loved me
Oh boy, what a dummy
Because behind the back, everyone ain't true
You see I live with someone, and scummy does too
She said, "It's good for me.. if it's good for you"

{*continues in background with variations}

I sing the blues in church on Sunday
Slavin on Monday, misused on Tuesday
Abused on Wednesday, accuased on Thursday
Fried alive on Friday, and died on Saturday
Sho' nuff singin the blues
I sing the blues that a sucka thought we couldn't bring
I tell him sho' nuff the blues is my thing
I sing the backwater blues, rhythm and blues
Gospel blues, St. Louis blues, North Carolina blues
Chicago blues, Mississippi god-Damn blues
The Watts blues, Harlem blues, ?? Blues
Gut-funky blues, funky chunky blues
I sing the up North cigarette cough blues
The down South strung out the side of my mouth blues
I sing the blues black
I sing the blues blacker
I sing the blues blackest..
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