In the forest I'm searching you
You try to escape, you try to hide
But you have no chance cause I find you
I feel your presence everywhere
You are afraid, you are alone
You try to put a spell on me
But I am strong, you feel my power
There is no witchcraft that helps you
Your heart is beating, you hear me calling
You hide your face under a beautiful mask
But I can see through your masquerade
You don't fool me again
The moon is shining, the forest whispers
You and me between the trees
Look in my eyes, look in my face
Take my deadly kiss

I'm ripping your flesh from your rotten bones
Your beauty fades away
I open your chest, take out your heart
I smash it in your face
You lay in your blood, you lay in your guts
Just flesh and bones from a dying witch
Another war, another victory
The forest cries my name

I'm the witch-hunter, the witch-fighter, the witch-killer!

I'm the hunter, I'm the destiny, I'm the hunter!
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The Witchhunter Lyrics

Terminal Choice – The Witchhunter Lyrics

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