Betrayer-speak not to me
For your words are as empty
As your maggot ridden skull.
Coward-bow not before me
For I would rather tear your limbs
From your fucking body!
I bring you unspeakable torment
For that much you owe.
And unto me your debt
Shall never be paid in full!
Deceiver-the only thing left
For you to manipulate
Shall be my sword
From between your fucking ribs!
For the destruction of all
Would be legendary.
But for your demise
All legacies would fail to compare!
To simply slay you would never be enough.
I would rather you live with a thousand festering wounds
To see you in submission once again and all the same.
For there is no forgiveness only your endless bloodshed!
So wallow in your shame and atone through contrition
Your menial ways only pave the path of disgrace
You pathetic victim forever you shall be
Trampled underfoot by my screaming vengeance!
Trampled Underfoot!
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Trampled Underfoot Lyrics

Teratism – Trampled Underfoot Lyrics