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Anger Divine Lyrics

Tenebres – Anger Divine Lyrics

I am searching beyond the mist
In darkness it seems, a faithful suffering
The vile destruction, the seductive dice
Calling of mourning and pain lifting sigh
Calling the nightmare, the fire of sky
You’ll never see, you’ll never

As the blood flows, from my rotten veins
The gate is opening, as I am fading
You’ll never see the salvation in god
You carry your god and despite all the lies
Yearning for more, you’ll never, never see
You’ll never be, the one for me

Begged and fought to the burrow of the sight
Come back to distant times
Come back to Satan’s (The Pagan) way
This is your destiny
Begged and fought to the burrow of the sight
Great deeds seem distant from these times
Come back to Satan’s way, this is your destiny

To darken the skies, I have tried all my life
Run from this darkness and pray for the world
I fail to see, the skies are falling
And you were not with me
And I am calling

Satan’s (The Pagan) salvation will become undone
And all that I loved will be gone, and gone
All that is left is your infernal light
And then you’ll be gone, like a parasite

Soon all that’s been lost, will cover the faith
And darkness and pain, will lie in thy womb
I am nothing but a sand of time
Enlisting my mind with senses
Darken my world in vain, then leave me
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