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Friendship Test Lyrics

Tenacious D – Friendship Test Lyrics

from album: Tenacious D (2001)
Jb: brrrrrrrrrring.... Brrrrrrrrrrrring
Kg: *Click sound* Two Kings.
Jb: Hey Kage.
Kg: Hey.
Jb: How's it goin?
Kg: Good, good.
Jb: What're ya doin?
Kg: Oh God, I was just, I w-
Jb: I love you.
Kg: ... What'd you say?
Jb: Said I love you, man. Just wanted to say it.
Kg: Hey, thanks. Thank you. That's awesome, fuckin awesome... I mean, uh, that's
Cool you can, you can say that.
Jb: ... Don't you have something to say?
Kg: No... Oh I mean, I uh, I like you. I like you too dude.
Jb: Whoa, like? Oh ho ho man! I'm glad I fuckin did this test on you. The
Friendship test.
Kg: What?
Jb: No, man
Kg What are you talkin about?
Jb: What happened before, when I said I loved you, that was a test. Because man
I coulda made a total ass of myself if I hadn't done this test on you.
*Whistle* hoo hoo!
Kg: But you don't?
Jb: Boy!
Kg: You don't, really love me?
Jb: Dude listen. You fuckin passed the test ok? But barely. Ya know what you
Kg: What?
Jb: F plus. Click
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Songwriters: Kyle Richard Gass, Thomas Jacob Black
Friendship Test lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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