Verse 1:
Wish that I could wind
Like a spiral stair through time
To your body next to mine
Warm and satisfyin'
Wish that I could catch
A night train to the past
Climb aboard and hear you ask
Darling come inside

Chorus 1:
Memories, memories
Sweet, sweet memories
Of days gone by
That make me cry
Memories, memories, memories
Sweet memories
That make me sad
They take me back
To you
(Memories, memories
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah/ ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)

Verse 2: watching falling stars
On the grass by my own car
Making love there in the dark
Thinking we're alone
Lawman shines his light
Trying not to act suprised
He left hard and all uptight
Told us to get on home

Chorus 2:
Memories, memories
Sweet sweet memories
Of love we shared
Of love we shared
Memories memories
Sweet memories
Of love we shared
We will never
Share them again
(Memories memories
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba)

Verse 1

Chorus 1
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Memories Lyrics

Temptations – Memories Lyrics

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