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New Age Junkie Lyrics

Televandals – New Age Junkie Lyrics

Youve got one thought to think about
About yourself trapped in the here and now
Keep your lips sealed I'm a shouting it out

A new Hitler in Iran
Chaos in the streets never left Afghanistan
Its a sin, but we don't stand a chance

You can't fight it, feel it in your blood
We fall, for it day and night
Criminals, theyre not sorry
New age junkie, a new lie

Get your fix, go turn your tricks out
Sell your self-respect for a $1. 99, bargain aisle
Never mind, too late to rewind

Green with envy, green with lust
Red white and blue, all too American
In the black, you can never have enough


Chain smoking yourself sick, youve taken it too far
Life support for your narcissistic heart
Look inside, bet you aint even got one

Condescend, racism breeds
Sad lovers quarrel, then get between the sheets
Close your eyes, youll forever live happily

[Chorus: X2]
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