Do I ever say what I really feel
Most days I can't cause it's too real
If I get close and I start to feel
My power slipping away from me

You're smile says you're all over me

In the dead of night you hold on tight
Can't breathe, can't see, doesn't feel right
And as much as I try and make you fit
My head won't stop until I've ruined it

Your eyes say you're all over me
Like a fly on shit hanging on a bit
You're all over me
Your smile says, your sending your love

It's over, I'll throw you out
It's over, I'll take you down

And so the lesson here if there ever was
Comes down to saving one of us
Do you wanna guess who's gonna lose?
I know I've paid mny dues

Your wife says,
You're sending your love
Your shrink says
You're all over me
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You're All Over Me Lyrics

Telenovela Star – You're All Over Me Lyrics