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Lili Lyrics

Telek – Lili Lyrics


(singing) Nobody knows, nobody knows how, how hard

[Verse One]
They was wonderin when
a female artist that could spark and take two to the chin
ten thousand and one it wasn't no flick and I do it again
you written flow to spit
no matter if it flows worth pantyhoes you gettin stripped
how low I fit
Stay humble, lookin in my eyes
don't need no yes men round me, I downsize
drama it don't stop, yellin don't pass go
and if they read another reason then I'm cuttin they throats
gettin the doe, all out yellin lets ride
my baby say lets do it big, I'm sayin lets do it live
Bling Bling, so we comin through on gleam gleam
bitches on my bra, strap niggas on my g-string
4ft 11 full of fire, my desire, my empire
I make drives, my lyrics, now I'm out peace for hire
feel it, the sky was the limit, this ain't for you if you timid
I'ma spit it infinite, now take a spot
it'll take another two thou to get in it, wit a

Chorus: Silk-E (repeat 2X)

mean mug on my face,
I'm in it to win it,
I'm all out for my spinach, I gots to get it,
they just don't wanna see me feedin my belly,
they wanna see me walkin on my ass with no (money?)

[Verse Two]
Really don't even need this
everybody tryin to get a piece of my pie, ain't no secret
so I, wade in the water and I quietly except
catch Flack like Roberta, black girl smasha, it's murda
sayin mo murda, I say lets everybody get further
confine me till, to the box and I'ma still get heard of
Stayin assertive, if hoes in a choke hold is how I gotta go
het em wit a right low, so they can read hobo
regiment is what I represent, step into the scene
gettin cream, got you on me like I'm docked on masculine
SILK fiend, make it where you addicted to me
leave haters judgin in repression that they gettin to me
damit, granit I know ou got to lay on your bed
but I'm tryin to have somebody else make it once I'm seein the bread
make decisions leavin stake and eggs
get my family paid, so I gotta give my money to everybody else
have you ever had somebody that was all in yo face... hawkin
actin like they the best thing walkin
got a lot on my mind, they squeezin my world, I work best under pressure
just pray I don't crack and keep it together, wit a


[Verse Three]
Sexy, intelligent, dealin with the positive,
if it's negative then it's irrelevant
so pushin a pelican makin it prelevant for em, nah I ain't sellin it
adrendaline driven by vivid visions, and I'm rippin
I'm stickin like hittin em wit tip dawgs in prison
sure I rep, you should just pack up your bags and kick rocks
retreat to your rest, saving your weak collected thoughts
mind blowin, pain in your brain blowin ya mind
bringin it back, overpowered pack with each line
my hustle in a hallux in the gem and kill your ambition
it's a tradition to give a tribute once I get through spittin
higher learnin, you can stand on the top of Mt. Vernon
while I grab garbage, back the game and gut it out ya kids learnings
wit a...

Chorus (Repeat 4X)
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