When it's lonely,
She holds her pillow all alone
And things if only
She had somebody of her own

She scans the airways for their song
And holds back her tears to sing along
For her only one

She sings the slow songs
And every word is meant for him
She knows he's out there
Singing the same songs, listening in

She knows the dj by his name
She dedicates all her songs the same
For her only one

And before the night is over
She'll request their special song
Even though he doesn't know her
In her mind he sings along

Looking out her window
She picks a star out of the sky
She wonders out loud,
Does he see the same star tonight

It's only time until they meet
And she'll look down every street
For her only one

Her only one's the only one she'll ever know
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Her Only One Lyrics

Teen Idols – Her Only One Lyrics