If I'm believing what I hear is true (oh)
Then there's a broad 'round town that's claiming you (okay)
And listen daddy, I'm too cute to fight
You better get that bitch told tonight
And I don't ever, I mean never ever, ever wanna deal with this again,
You better tell her, tell her, tell her, tell her

I don't give a damn what's real, what's fake, what's truth, what's lies
See darling, i don't feel it's relevant to me
I don't wanna know her name, where you met, if she's some crazy chick
Just stalkin' you, I don't care, it's irrelevent to me (pissed off as I

I was saucy at the bar, lookin' like a star, when she got off in my
Talkin' 'bout what you do when you do it to her, I damn near slapped
Her face
Okay she don't know me, better ask someone
I don't play those silly chicken games, oh no
(Last line 2nd time) - There's no way, you need to handle this thing


If in fact you gave her your thing, it doesn't matter babe
I know her touch don't feel like mine
(I know her touch don't feel like mine, get it right)
If in fact you gave her a little change, doesn't matter
'Cause I know who's name's on the account
(I get mine no matter what the price)
This is how it all went down


(CHORUS) [5x]
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You Better Tell Her Lyrics

Teedra Moses – You Better Tell Her Lyrics

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