(Verse 1)
'Cause when your pockets flat and you ain't got no why
Ain't nobody giving you nothing, stand tall, nigga, don't give up
'Cause when you bounce back, that shit gon' feel so good
Your struggle made you strong and you don't owe a soul
'Cause my pockets was empty, baby, ask them to put me in position, save me (save me, save me)
But them niggas ain't listen, caught my case, got sent to prison (facts)
I sat back, worked on my vision, that's the shit that made me

Couldn't wait til' I got me a bag, couldn't wait til' I got me a bag
Couldn't wait til' I got in my bag, couldn't wait til' I got in my bag
She want it, I finna jump, couldn't wait to go get her a bag
Couldn't wait to see her with that bag, couldn't wait til' she get in her bag
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Bag Lyrics

Tee Grizzley – Bag Lyrics

Songwriters: Terry Wallace, Darrell Jackson
Bag lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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