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Near Or Far Lyrics

Teddy Arnheiter – Near Or Far Lyrics

With each passing day she never fades away
My sweet love has left me lonely... Lonely
Like actors in a play with so (too) few lines to say
She's no longer dreaming of me
Find a way
End my (this) sorrow let (make) her stay
If only she would (i could)

There's just yesterday
That's where my heart will stay
I'll always (I'm gonna stay in love) be in love with her forever...
When (if) she finds love be kind love...
Watch over her I pray
Cause she's beautiful so unusual...

They say that love is blind
So seek and you shall find
There's a truer love just (in) waiting... Waiting
It's her loss (now) they say
She's going to rue the day she's going to pine away...
And someday soon she'll lose my love forever...
If she finds love be kind love
Watch over her this way
Cause she's beautiful unusual she's my guiding light my morning star...
I'll love her whether near or far
She's just beautiful I love you near or far
How long does it take for a heart to break
When will she see the goodness that's in me
Will the love we made just fade (fall) into lost memories
And with each passing day...
I need her back to stay... This time forevermore...
I'll always be in love with her forever come what may...
So be kind love it's time love
For her to hear me say
That you're beautiful the way you are
You don't have to be a shining star
I love you just the way you are
You're so beautiful
You're beautiful to me
In all the ways that a woman could be
You lightened up my soul so I can sing
I love you near or far
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