I'm this way cuz I got up and got it
When I was the oddest and demolished
The hotter scholars with all of this goddish
Product called it way polished, I jotted
Dotted then they got it.
Stayed modest but psychotic thought
Is raw and sick.
But everybody didn't want to give a nigga
The time of day.
How will I ever reach another when
I'm lost in the gray?
I gotta be different to get a grip and the pay.
Say, say, say what you want about Nina.
The one who's wishing me coming up missing,

That one's a dreamer.

Calling me ugly, I laugh.
Cuz I'm rough as rugby and fast.
The industry chubby and flab.
You look sick pudgy and crass.
Now your chick wanna hug me and smash.
I look lovely in cash.
Instead of muggy and clash,
You act like we was buddies in class.
Got my painted face, ain't it great?
Really illuminated.
I made it within a tainted space.
Better to bring it straight and gain it late,
Then aim at fake. Famous for my brain.
It's faith that with strained faith I became the great yates!
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Ugly Duckling Lyrics

Tech N9ne – Ugly Duckling Lyrics