You're one hunder-ed, we so hunter-ish
You're one hunder-ed, we so hunter-ish

Unga bunga bunga, ingda bing da binga bunga
It's fun ta hunt the c*** ta ding the dick ta feed muh hunga
I jump on a bitch, pump on a chick, crunch n munch on a c***, dunk on a dick,
Somethin sunk in it quick, krump in it bit, humpin the Ninna, bring the thunda
I be the king'a kunga, up in ya spleen, the weenas on ya
I - eat it up like sufamunda, cheese between lasagna
I - skeet it up, n giddy up, fiend fa cream, va-geena tongue
Then feed the need, we lump fa huntas, easily we done ya/

The gal sho look like fuck food ta me, might as well, bitch, I know you suck dudes for free
I can smell slit, when I'm in lust to a degree
If the shell fits, I'm the dust, you is dibre, trick
If you one hunder-ed, we so hunter-ish
We come for the wonder chicks, whos buns're thick to make my lumber spit
And my whole crew hunt
Want some'a that new chum
Kerri Hilson, sho looks good
Taste good too punk

You're one hunder-ed, we so hunter-ish

[Irv Da Phenom:]
[?] take notice I'm approachin, scopin out where the cushion at
Snatch her out this habitat, soon as I stab my hook in that
Can't stop lickin my chops, watchin her walk, n now I'm look at - them pair of apple Bottoms n that bomb donka that she put in that

I got bottle full'a captain n jack, n I'm ready to get it crackin,
Baby now tell me whut'chu wanna do
I got a package full a magnums that's back at the pad if you wanna attack,
Then I'mma be strapped up for you

And all ya home girls, baby bring the whole hurd!
It's open season for pillow squeezin, n leavin toes curled
Inebriated, slightly faded, time to get it poppin
Pull up the bus, open the doors, n all the bunnies hop in
Show me her naval ring, said there's one more underneath it
Tech I don't believe, Kalli whut you think?

(Let me see it!)

The newest member of the Drill Team
I'm on the prowl
Just a wiff'a the feminin scent I'm equpin for infinite pimpin, it's goin down
See baby girl, I'll beat it up, and put it in a headlock
When I snap n go primevil on that ass, makin the bed rock

You're one hunder-ed, we so hunter-ish

I'm a sexual preditor, better alert the neighbors
Cuz they desprite house wives, is just my flavor
Darth Vadar, pullin out my light saber
And they like my hard candy covered now and later
Spear chuck'a mutha (Hey!) I'm a hunta, gathera
Lookin for a super soaka n lofa ladderal
Bend'er over then ya stroke her, I mean ya stabbin'er
Get to pokin, get to strokin, I mean ya ravage'are
(? Migowa?) I'm eatin bush babies right out the showa
Dine with me n N9ne, byin fine wine
We devour ya, carnivourish niggerish
I gobble the top ya like it was licorish
I even tell fat girls (Hey!) come here, are ya ticklish?
Dirk Diggler, might hurt'cha but might fit'cha
Honey want a hunt'cha just ta hit'cha
S'go on, take a chance, when I advance, don't freeze up
Somethin in ya pants I wanna beat up/ Cuz, ya-ya-ya-

You're one hunder-ed, we so hunter-ish
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Hunterish Lyrics

Tech N9Ne – Hunterish Lyrics


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