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Comfortable Lyrics

Tech N9ne – Comfortable Lyrics

I feel comfortable here
Comfortable here
Comfortable here

[Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
Yo, I'm comfortable doing work in the studio
I'm comfortable givin' fans an unruly show
Even if I gotta take a voyage like Coolio
To rock it, I'm with it, but outside it that shit is booty-hole
No interviews with Tech Nina unless you well versed
On what I done after so many years, how we sell work
Even in this climate, we climbin' as high as inhaled purp
But you don't know that I'm the new and a throwback, so wack
I hate doing radio, but I do it well
And it's done 'cause the pushin' for N9ne and crew to sell
But I get up in the establishment, never got the music, we have the shit
What I want to do is straight jab and kick Timbo’s to his tail
So if you spinning me now you take me to a [?]
And if you think 'cause I'm bitchin' Tech Nina buzz done
Check it I ain't tryna do no early interviews
Unless it's Sway, Johnny Dare, or Bubba of the Love Sponge

I feel comfortable here
Comfortable here
Comfortable here
I feel comfortable here
Comfortable here
Comfortable here

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Ay I like The Breakfast Club, there Tech gets love
Murs, Stevie, Mayday, JL, even CES get plugged
I fuck with Double XL 'cause Vanessa's thug
They know when I walk through, it's Travis and comin' next is Muggs
Sayin' no to you radio personalities who
Wanna waste the time you get nothing, but cursin' out at me, true
Some of them see us 'cause slackin' will hurt them salaries, you
Never get my presence, you peasants be dirt and cowardly, ooh
I can rap, woohoo, I got stacks, woohoo
Everybody know that so I musta rap on your tracks, booboo
They don't fit my flow, when I spit I glow
But do I fit to that which is normal in Hip-Hop (no!)
Some bumping the flow to the young pump and a bro
Plump sprung when you go tongue dumb, dumb then you grow
But I'm funkin' with those dumpin' the pro
Love DX and All-New-Hip-Hop, everything else? Unbomfortable

I feel comfortable here
Comfortable here
Comfortable here
I feel comfortable here
Comfortable here
Comfortable here

[Verse 3: Tech N9ne]
Yo, I'm comfortable talking to Mark Alford
He don't make me feel I gotta kneel at a dark altar
His colleagues are cool, things are jolly and smooth
Anything else, it'll be part stupid and part awkward
Do your homework before you talk to a vet
That way you won't get no static comin' from Tech
I'm on my own Planet, I'm in my zone, dammit
I see a lot of you and wonder just how you drones manage
You niggas don't get it at all, the wicked
You get it delivered to y'all and give it a negative critic
Know when I spit it them people are giving the calls
Requesting me, I'm blessed and free
You want Tech the G, you must step to me
I ain't beggin' for no petty press, I'm already set
Done a lot of work with Travis that made our fetti stretch
Even though I'm Michael Myers, I still get steady checks
But yo when I'm slicin' haters I leave a Freddy mess

[Outro: Tech N9ne]
From Rocked Rhyme sessions, the top I'm steppin'
But I'm no longer steppin' in Hot 9-7
Till the powers that be travel to see the spot N9ne's reppin', yeah
Comfortable here
Comfortable here
Comfortable here

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Songwriters: Michael Summers, Aaron Yates
Comfortable lyrics © Songtrust Ave

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