[Hook: B.o.B] (2X)
Toke, toke, toke, toke, you know it's that fire, I can't get no higher!
Toke, toke, toke, toke, I came to turn the night up, now watch me as I light up

[Tech N9ne]
I smoke in Amsterdam, in Denmark, Christiana!
Canada, then Germany, now everybody in this twist ganja
Now I wanna go to my set, get home big Tech has blunted gangja
Some of that new legal purple good colora-marijuana

[Stevie Stone]
Nobody fucks with regular, on my shit spectacular
Hit it for the low (?) loud, and this why lace to ya
(?) to go
Blaze that shit, really can't get no higher (?)
Shootin' up, blazin' fire (?)
Lovin' Colorado strong (?) open wide

[Tech N9ne]
Till I (?) for the homeboy (?) illegal (?)
(?) Keisha (?) paparazzi wanna feature
Tech N9ne, I'mma kick it everytime
When I ease my mind, I hit my bottle
And better legalize (?) when I go I hit that (?) Colora

[Hook] (2X)

You already know what it is, tappin' the bottles (?)
(?) in me, I already kill it (?)
Here for friends Stevie, Tech, Ubi and the (?) too
Soon I'll get her open, talkin' smoke some loud and I can't hear you
Look at me walkin' sideways, way he (?) stop me
And I'm burnin' down the bush, (?) cheap experiments that've got me
Look, I'm rollin' up, blow, I'm hold it (?) in your lace
Takin' it (?) I'mma hold it in and blow it in your face!

[Info Gates]
Uh, uh, Info Gates, bitch, no hate
I (?) up in a studio (?) official
Can sign (?) initials
I got that candy (?) but I've been KC, now Colorado
Looks like I find this (?) I got in this medicine (?) I gotta get

(?) kickin' my brain, that it isn't (?)
Lame (?)
(?) never synthetic (?)
(?) they offered that kush (?) push, they got it no (?)
(?) Colorado (?)
Rolled at back in the day, I done have it from crackin' (?)
I blow it in

[Hook] (2X)

That outlaw for minute though, smokin' out your shame
Blowin' loud out of my sun roof back in the Sunshine State
Then boys offered that (?)
But I growin' eyes on my back and droppin' (?) over my face
I need a high estate (?) gotta get that (?)
(?) Strange (?) but I smoke this thing I just can't explain
Sparkin', puffin', passin', ease your pain and all these words of fashion
I think it's only right to celebrate, just get

Up-up high, up-up high
Stuck in the sky, we gotta lost that (?)
And I just met my angel dangle
(?) I freaked out tweaked out weed dungeon
And I forget about a limit of a dough
See I be all up on that green fungus
Sippin' up, I dripped out to casino
When everytime I made a (?)
So that's smoke (?) for the PO
We gon' three load (?) Carino's
Trouble up to my (?) list
(?) on the side of a curb


[Krizz Kaliko]
(?) smokin' fire-iah-iah
I don't really (?)
(?) some weed, mixin' with tobacco (?)
(?) actually (?)
(Okay) Worldwide now, (?) Tech Nina (?)
Of a little bit of that sativa
Maybe (?)
(?) inside of me, I go back to the bottle

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Colorado Lyrics

Tech N9ne – Colorado Lyrics