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Sign Ya Name Lyrics

Tec-9 – Sign Ya Name Lyrics

{Tec-9 Talkin'}

I know y'all niggas gonna feel this
Laid back this for all my "G's" who dead and gone ya heard me

Verse One: {Tec-9}

We used to ride together, lie together
Say we was gon die together
Never thought you leave me here by myself
My best friend was still like my lil' cousin
Always fussin' who was wrong but it's time for discussion
Reminisce on all the times we shared the stage with each other
Microphone check one, two nigga you know how we do
You not the only one over the years I lost plenty
You ask me? how many murders I said I seen many dyin' to young
This world is crazy never got a chance to see yo lil' baby
Keep it real, lookin' out for you boo and when I'm loookin' at
Shorty it's almost like if I'm lookin' at you
Fight like Cassias dog for shit I can't pick up
Tried to break up the fight or else we jumpin' you nigga
I'm hurtin' so much inside never got the chance to tell you bye
I wish I could be there and ask the question why
I know ya chillin' in heaven but I still can't take it
But when it's my turn I'm bringin' the mack
Incase I don't make it I'm a carry out the dream
Before they bury my body and when they get me
Best believe I'm takin' somebody with me


We were together just the other day
Now my boy is dead now he's gone away
I guess I'll see you in the next life
Dressed in white sippin' on Champagne
'cause the angles in heaven are gonna sign yo name

Verse Two:{Tec-9}

I hear them shots and it sounds like them choppers is ringin'
Go to the scene and I see my boy brains hangin'
I had to tell him it was cool, yeah it's gonna be all right
In the back of my mind that you gonna die tonight
But I perceived to keep yo name rangin' "Bad Ass Yella Boy"
And when you die I got a nigga thinkin' "Strap Up For Dem Haters Boy"
The cloud is thick before I pour half of my liquor for my nigga
That's gone can't touch it you get drunk say fuck it
Full of that torture reminisce' on our child hood years
Cuttin' school, startin' drama,
sippin' on night train with the old timers
To high to go inside we know momma was gonna do us
Duckin' the trounce alcohol and weed influenced me
Since the way CYC they tried to discipline with me
Over the years I don lost half of my hommies
Like Mostiquie, Yella, Levi, Rock, and my nigga Lil' Munchy
I'm gonna remember all you niggas till the day that I die
I wish I could be there and ask the question why
Now tell me why


Verse Three: {Tec-9}

You live by the gun you gonna die by the gun
Lord let me live to see my son and daughter turn 21
But when I'm gone keep 'em strong don't let 'em crack into pieces
Don't want Lil' Tec to see what I see and end up like me
It's in my family I know he got the skills to go reach
The chopper and break 'em off proper
Better watch out for them demons schemin''
Leavin' niggas in pieces look to my right and saw
Yo body in my passenger seat
It ain't the same no more don't hear no answers when
I call yo name I'm all alone in the zone
Finger tight on the chrome incase I creep at night alone
Trouble is gone so it's on
I'm ready to ride all night somebody's gonna bleed tonight
Sleepin' in alleys try'na catch you motherfuckers in site
Walk down on ya you never thought I was scopin'
Took yo ass by surprise 'cause ya obvious lopin'
To all my niggas who fell victims to the street
I'll handle all y'all motherfuckers business
Now y'all can rest in peace and I can be there


{Tec-9 Talkin'}

Yeah baby, it's gonna down like that
Ya heard me, I want to say rest in peace to all my niggas
I miss y'all you heard me
My nigga Yella most defeintly
My nigga Munchy
My nigga Rock rest in peace
My nigga Prog off top
My nigga Levi
One love to my nigga Mostquie
That boy Teddy, Koko, Cup Cake,
That nigga Mekio
I guess I see ya in the next life fella's ya heard
Tell people Tec-9 holla'ed at ya
Save a spot for me
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