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Can't Hold Me Lyrics

Team Napalm – Can't Hold Me Lyrics

[Intro: NLZ]
Yeah, you know, every once and a while, you gotta zone out
They ain't never critical, got a conscience
I like to bomb topics metaphysical, you know, feel me
You an MC, bang ya head to this, if you street, bang ya head to this
Pump ya fist to this, you know, feel me, yo

You can't hold me, I never lived fear, man control me
It's basic, for instinct, it's gotta stay busy
The war's closing, suffocate the crate of artists
For lack certificates, I got a Benjamin Banner can hammer
Do something like put a pause to your grammer
In any means or matter, I spray you up like tame one
The boxcar sessions of cess field, I'm like "Animal" Steele
With a green tongue, I need a greenthumb
I need to be chilling in Milan, with Christine
Giving my Magic Don Juan, a massage
And keep Michael, proceed to the garage
Out the nine, air your lodge
I dislodge, the frost, they biting like loose teeth when I speak
Your words is off do to ink on the looseleaf
It's too deep and this a see-through
I got a blue print in the ratchet rich, eager to meet you
I make you see through like windows, I break that glass
Kid, I'm like Leatherface in wood shop, I cut ya class
Need to "earn heart" like Dale, before you crushing the crash
And I believe in the class, whether not you battle a titan
I Steve McNair you out in the art of fighting
Like Randy Cortore, Tito Ortiz, this biz is real
I lick off with the Remington Steele, hear me?
I don't want dudes to fear me, respect mines
And lay you out with a Nick Cannon, calibrated for your drumline
Your flow, like sometimes you feel like a nut
You feel like throwing salt in the wounds after a thousand paper cuts
It's all comedy, you can't be read, you too weak
I'm strong like the rose that grew through the concrete

[Interlude: NLZ]
Yo, rebel wise... pharaohist, lyrical, extent
Affiliate with wisdom, a/k/a War Machine
Head toucher #5, Justice League, Herb, Syndicate
Bredren, L-Wood, Fine Dough

I don't base my lyrics on gun talk, if you wanna base
I'll make you missile while my gun talk
I get you educated real quick, you can calculate in your head
How fast I can dump this quick, it don't matter what body parts I hit
I move the target, when the sparks fly, it's too late for you to move the target
Feel me, I'm like a sniper marksmen
I buy bullets from the black market, illegal contraband
You gotta be smart when it comes to the heat, my Guard U's is powerful
Behind the finger I teach, you speak about the range of the reach
How it bang, I let it go, safe from talking ya bang
I'm like sutle, I don't like trouble
I don't like spending time in the courthouse
It's like I need a body double, I won't let my dreams crumble
I got a passion of pen, kid
I write verses of great measure with an abstract lense
I hope to never burn in sin, I keep a fever
Like the strength behind the flesh of facial features
I do what I gotta, you talk a whole lotta nada
I won't feed it, you not bothered, my heat like lava, molting
I melt ya like a radiant summer, you're close
To sinning your dreams of celcius, fahrenheit, fit to remember
I'm like Mike Shanahan in Denver, I coach this
Spoken fluent like a thespian poet
I got the glow like time map, the last dragon like Bruce
Thug it to the end, like Bishop in Juice
You still a pawn, we like rooks, we hold corners on any square
You lose weight like saunas, you a goner, a life spared
Is a life saved, you learn from it
You granted earth nature under the guillotine blade

[Outro: NLZ]
Yo, chin checker, this goes out, my man Jamal Rasheed
My keepers, yaknowhatimeansaying, Tray from Block One
Support from day one, Saigon, the flame thrower
Dangerous Mindz Entertainment, DJ Flash, yeah, yo
Little Brother, 9th Wonder, haha
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