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I Know It's U Lyrics

Teairra Mari – I Know It's U Lyrics

Was it deja vu? [x3]

[Verse 1:]
Don't remember me, babe u don't wanna slow down?
Or u goin' act like I'm crazy and I'm just chasin u around?
Like I don't know u & I've never seen u before?
Like u don't know me
Oh I think it's cute how u ignore me

Now tha boy's [?]
Now he don't know me
Like he never kissed these lips
Like he never touched me
Like he never put his hands up on my hips
Like he don't know my inside out
[? ]
Like we never got down in tha back of the Cadillac-lac-lac-lac-lac

Was it deja vu?
Got me feelin I was hurt by u
Oh, baby tell me was it deja vu?
Got me feelin like u hurt me before
And I know
I know it's u, u know it's me [x3]
I know it's u, but was it deja vu?

[Verse 2:]
So u tellin me it ain't no [?] inside of my da-da-da-da?
U goin' look me in my face & lie, la-la-la-lie, la-lie, la-la-lie, lie?
Oh baby, u ain't gotta front with me now
I'm tryna see if we could still get down



Distant memories (distant memories, baby)
It wasn't just a dream (No, it wasn't a dream)
The way he loved me, thugged me
Hugged me, loved me it was so real
That's why it feels just like deja vu

[Chorus x2]
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