Alone, left here in dust
Amidst my fears and doubts
Life's shattered dreams I could have
Gone without
Now chthonic life has set it's sights on
Making me a slave to it's ways
I wait for return
Until then my soul it burns
And it burns only for you...

I'll be with you soon...

Night it falls on me endlessly
And isearch for you in this blindness
I'm a prodigy of lust and loss
'till sleep comes down

I can; 't explain, this disdain remains
This treason I can't reason
They left me here for dread my dear
Barely breathiung, but I'm still breathing

Now I see a loght
It's shining from above
I think they've finally come
The halcyon days

I'm crawling now up
Towards the sound
Vengeance moves so swiftly
I've conquered fear
I've she'd my tears
Now I'm seething, barely breathing

Now I see a light
Shining from above
I think they'vbe finally come
The halcyon days
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The Halcyon Days Lyrics

Tea Party – The Halcyon Days Lyrics