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Whirldwind Lyrics

Taylormade – Whirldwind Lyrics


My life is like a whirldwind
I'm just caught in the middle now watch the world spin
So many shots of that Ex and got me hurlin
I'm ridin derrty when I realy should be swerving

(Blue Ghost)

So every now and then I
Feel you got to sin so pack my 4-5
Haters like to mug me when I roll by
Maybe its because I live dat good life

I love when yall hate me
But you get broke and end up tryin to play me
Catch me in yo hood wit two three eighty's
I be dressed in black at midnight so you can't see

I'm dangerous like rabies
When I mix my water wit that Mary J weed
Over Henesy and Soda got me crazy
So when the police get on me they got to chase me

Chrous x2

(Young Tru)

So every since my birth now
Mama tell me " go to sleep" but it just hurts now
She tell me count them sheeps I count my beets now
Twisting in them streets and in them sheets now

I swear you aint gone find us
You can catch me and Blue Ghost about them dollas
Creeping through yo hood for them Impalla
Got a hammer 4 dds and a screw driver

With yo steering kinda like Mcgiver
Nigga don't jump in you aint no rider
It's taylormade niggas I'm on fire
Steady puffin weed til I get higher

You can catch a nigga grindin
Tryin to put some cateracts into my diamonds
Leavin these young niggas out here blindin
So when the police get on me they aint go find it

Chorous x2

(Goobie Thug)

I stay cheezy when I role by
Like I be cravin for dessert caus I be so high
23's on tha twizzle caus I be so high
And every thing is for shizzle so baby don't cry

My life is like a whirldwind
I'm drimking Belvadere and Vodka til I'm hurlin
So when I stop the truck the rims just keep on twerlin
And taylormade gone be my click until my world end (My world end)

This life is kinda crazy
I'm smokin blunt after blunt got my vision hazy
And killa gone but I'm still like can't
It's like I'm livin in jail they trying to shank me
It aint no limit so I'm rollin like them tanks be

We got our heads in the clouds we at the top now
A lotta ice caus the block is gettin hot now
You got to watch out for them snake they want to plot now
Run up and get shot down life is like a whirldwind
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