Where are you now?
Are you hanging with the old gang?
I wish I was there
But I'm so far away

I'm stuck in this prison
And I can't escape
1, 100 miles
They get in my way

I'll see you again
But it's not like I can stay
I still have my memories
But it's just not the same

I hate goodbyes
And walking away
Cause my prisons in the sunshine
But my hearts in the rain

Yeah my hearts in the rain.

And late at night the whispers seem to sing,
To me, the song they're singing it so well
It tells me within darkness there is light
And that everything's alright.

Everything is alright
Everything is alright now
I know that that times seem twisted
But it'll work itself out somehow

And miles they separate our souls
And leave our hearts filled up with tiny holes
To figure out this question is the goal,
Are we in control?

Where are you now?
I'll meet you there some how
Because if life is what you choose
Then why should we lose?

Tell me, why should we lose?
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Heart In The Rain Lyrics

Taylor Monroe – Heart In The Rain Lyrics

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