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Flashing Lights Lyrics

Taylor D – Flashing Lights Lyrics

Feat. Lexxie

[CHORUS - Lexxie]
Baby all see are shinning lights
Look up high oh how they shine so bright
I hear them calling every single night
From state to state oh yes it feels so right
I hear em calling me

[FIRST VERSE - Taylor D]
Look I've been traveling this road
Don't know exactly where I'm headed
But I hope that it's to fortune
Look mama we finally made it
So your job is now a hobby
I wont let nobody stop me
I've been trying to go to church
Tryna shake the devil off me
Lord forgive me for my sins
I thank you for these many blessing
Haters been running they mouth
Don't know why they tryna test me
I know it's wrong but it's up high
Middle finger to the sky
Attitude fuck everybody
Anti social plus I'm high
Oh I stay fly
Taylor D is I
I remember in my younger days
I tatted on my greatest motto
No love no trust And no pain
So many said they'd be there for me
But just like seasons people change
I rarely give out second chances
Blame it on my cancer ways
Oh I stay paid
But there were days
When I had nothing to my name
Now everybody is my homie
That's the price you pay
With fame
Huh yea
And Ima say that shit again
That's the price you pay with fame
So don't offend

[CHORUS - Lexxie]

My Shero told me
Depend on no one
And you'll never be let down
Never set yourself for failure
And if you do
Find your way out
I know they see me
And think damn
This chick right here
So fucking down
Misunderstood by
All these hoes
But give no fucks
Like uncle Sam
A couple of friends have come and gone
The ones right here
Oh that's my fam
And all my fans that's rocking with me
This ones for you
So rep your town
Or your city
Or your country
It's been a long time coming
And if I made it over night
Then we'll party till
The morning
Forecast looking pretty clouded
And the liquor steady
And these bitches Pussy popping
For that cash these niggas throwing
I'm steady smoking
Something potent
Shut it down in every state
Got a dip
He just text
Talking bout it's getting late
And this pussy on his mind
Sweetest that he's ever taste
And right now he's supa hungry
Come & sit it on his plate
Flashing lights all around
Got me feeling kinda cocky
Best believe I be the one
They try to copy

[CHORUS - Lexxie]

[THIRD VERSE - Taylor D]
My mind is Clouded
My thoughts are running
My heart is heavy
But I keep strutting
They keep telling me
That I'm much to young but
They don't live the life
I see I don't sweat nothing
You see these mixed emotions
Is what I feel inside
Due to the past I learned to mask
Put things away and hide
Call it a stubborn thing
Also some people call it pride
Ya steady searching but no other realer bitch you'll find
Than Taylor D opinions are from a personal view
23 yrs I keep it real seems all I ever do
As I grow older I see others don't respect that rule
Will cross you for a lick of fame these pussys running loose
Just don't fall through the trap they set
They just waiting for failure
Once you learn not to give a fuck ain't shit that they can tell ya
Once you done seen enough in life ain't shit that they can sell ya
Once you learn not to give a fuck ain't shit that they can tell ya
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