I hate when I call you and you text me back (that's rude)
Come on, you, what's up with that? (are you serious?)
I hate it when I become microscopic cause the boys' around
You forget I'm there when we're out

Sometimes I don't know
If we're together or not
Am I wrong
To assume when we're together or not
Are we together or not?

So what's it gonna be?
Am I your girlfriend?
Or am I just a girl that you call a friend?
So what's it gonna be?
Are you my boyfriend? (What' s it gonna be?)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (2x)
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (What's it gonna be?) x2
What's it gonna be between us?

So, like, anyways, I come over to hang out with you
And you're like, totally not paying attention to me
You're on your Xbox, and I'm like,
"Whatever, I'm over it"

[Verse 2:]
You check out other girls with that thirsty stare (really?)
What the heck? I'm standing here (jerk!)
You're so absorbed with yourself
Why do I like you?
Boy, you used to be so cool


[Hook:] (2x)

So, listen, when you figured out just...
You know what, just…
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What's It Gonna Be? Lyrics

Taylor Brock – What's It Gonna Be? Lyrics

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